The Smart Band


What is the Smart Band?

What is the Smart Band?
In simple terms the Smart band is the Strongest Nylon Banding or Strapping System in the World. This means that not only does it bring its own unique advantages to the market place it can also compete on strength with the Metal Systems that are presently being used.


What are the advantages of the Smart Band?

  • Corrosion Proof - ideal for underwater use
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Easy to fit
  • Low Creep Characteristics
  • Exceptionally Strong
  • Ideal Fit and forget banding solution
  • Improved safety - no sharp edges
  • Less wastage - cut to the length you require
  • Releasable - 10mm and 7mm semi-releasable version only
  • Colour matching - to meet design, identification and safety requirements
  • Can be pre-assembled
  • Ideal in confined spaces
What makes the 10mm Band different?

Strengthened with continuous glass fibre cores, the 10mm band is exceptionally strong with up to 1750 Newton's (175kg) breaking strain.

What is the Smart Bands performance?

The Band has a different breaking strain dependant on size, 10mm 1750 Newton's (175kg), 7mm 500 Newton's (50kg) and 4mm 250 Newton's (25kg).

The Smart Band is heat and UV stabilised, The clip is unaffected by petrol, diesel, oils and many other potentially corrosive substances, with a working temperature range of -40 to 150 degrees C.

For more performance information please download our Technical Data (700kb)

What about fitting and removing?

What about fitting and removing?
The non releasable version of the band can be fitted by simply using a pair of pliers. However the semi releasable version which comes in the 7mm and 10mm sizes requires a special tool to enable it to be fitted and if necessary released

For further fitting and removal details you will need to download our Fitting Instructions (500kb)


What about in the field?

The Smart Band is available in a handy portable dispenser case, with a selection of meter lengths, heads and a robust fitting tool that can operate in confined spaces - ideal for use in almost any environment.

What can the Smart Band be used on?

The Band can be used on almost any application that requires heavy duty banding. Currently the Smart Band is being used worldwide on underground piping, To bundle Railway sleepers, to attach protective covers to Dock Pillars.

For more applications please download our Application Booklet (584kb)

What are the buying options?

HCL sells the reels & heads in a number of pre-set lengths & quantities. However if you require a different length then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For full buying option information please download our Smart Band Catalogue (196kb)




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